ART Save game.

Started by Bokken, Jan 08, 2024, 03:46 PM

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Some advice on ART's save system and how I get around it.

First thing is ART only has one save game usually in 2 files sometimes 3 somewhere on your hard drive.

Location of mine is: c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ATS\Saved\SaveGames\

Find it on your system and make a short cut to it on your desktop.

Create a NEW folder somewhere on any other drive you have call it whatever you like.

Copy your save DIR to that FOLDER you just created.

OK.. Because ART only has one save to one set of files. when you see it in game saying 'saving game' and that row of three dots spin, it's overwriting the original files remember this it's important.

The way I do it is like this..

Always after I have completed a delivery that I'm happy with I will EXIT from the game using the MAIN MENU.

Then I will copy the MAIN GAME SAVE DIR over to another HD to back it up.

Log back in and start another delivery, on that delivery if I have a accident or take damage I don't want then I QUICKLY press ALT+F4 back to the desktop.

What using ALT+F4 does is it does not overwrite the save it last made whilst you were playing, which means once you load up the game again you will be where the last QUICK save was made, usually not that far from where you were and you can carry on.

However, IF you wait too long before pressing ALT+F4 the game might write a new auto save where you have already crashed, in this case you should have your save files backed up so just copy them over the original DIR and start again.

Hope this helps.