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Started by Bokken, Jan 08, 2024, 10:59 AM

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Hi, everyone!

It started with me adding it to my Steam Wish List a long time ago, eventually it turned into a demo which I did play and it looked pretty good.

Then that disappeared and 'Coming Soon!' was there again we had to wait for it to be released.

Once it came out I took a look on Steam for reviews there were none so thought I will wait to see what others post about it before I decide to purchase it, so I waited maybe a week? I can't remember.. Anyway, after a while I opened Steam I went my wish list clicked on ART and OMG it was a sea of red Thumbs Downs all over the place.

So after reading most of them it seemed not worth the money so I left it thinking I will wait a while longer but, Either same day or the day after I was browsing YouTube and noticed a video to do with Alaskan Road Tuckers and clicked it, well I have to say that video changed my mine after watching it, the guy was happy with the game and impressed with the graphics and also recommending it to some watchers watching him.

So without further hesitation I purchased it, and I have ZERO NONE regrets about that at all, I've around 250 hours into it now and still very much enjoy playing.. 'So much for the bad reviews me thinks'.

To be fare YES, it still has a lot of bugs to fix but it looks like the DEVS are working hard to fix them, it's a little jerky graphics here and there and the AI Hmm, all I can think is 'Whomever programmed those AI drivers must not have a full driving licence'.

I would like you all to post your own thoughts about 'Alaskan Road Truckers' if you have the time, would be much appreciated.

I'll leave this for now but I may come back and update it soon!.